Thank you for your interest in supporting my work! Every incarnation of this website (since it’s inception in 2015) has remained ad free – with the exception of my own promptions and promoting brand / products I affiliate with. I’m extremely proud to say that this is a very selective process. I don’t shill out to the dozens of DMs I get offering free samples and a t-shirt. I’ll never hesitate to recommend products I’ve researched, tried, and found effective. But, to fully co-sign on your brand I need to know what you stand for and what your values are. The folks below have met that standard. By supporting these businesses you are voting with your dollars to create a better you and a better planet.

  • Tru Beef
    Organic, Grass-Fed and Grass-Finished, Regeneratively Raise Beef, Delivered! Non-GMO. Vertified Humane. TruBeef is a certified carbon neutral business and all of their farms practice regenerative agriculture.

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  • Redmond Real Salt / Re-Lyte
    Real Salt is America's only unrefined sea salt with 60+ trace minerals. Re-Lyte is a salty AF electrolyte mix without fillers or artificial crap.

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  • Submission Shark
    Hear the martial arts stories of everyday jiujiteros/as and get some sweet nogi gear while you're at it!

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  • Heart & Soil Supplements
    Regeneratively sourced, freeze-dried (beef) organ supplements for nose-to-tail nourisment on the go! Learn why regenerative agriculture matters and how it's healing the planet!

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