• 1:1 Coaching
    I'm currently restructuring what 1:1 services I offer. Stay tuned for updates!
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  • Tru Beef
    Organic, Grass-Fed and Grass-Finished, Regeneratively Raise Beef, Delivered! Non-GMO. Vertified Humane. TruBeef is a certified carbon neutral business and all of their farms practice regenerative agriculture.

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  • Redmond Real Salt / Re-Lyte
    Real Salt is America's only unrefined sea salt with 60+ trace minerals. Re-Lyte is a salty AF electrolyte mix without fillers or artificial crap.

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  • Submission Shark
    Hear the martial arts stories of everyday jiujiteros/as and get some sweet nogi gear while you're at it!

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  • Heart & Soil Supplements
    Regeneratively sourced, freeze-dried (beef) organ supplements for nose-to-tail nourisment on the go! Learn why regenerative agriculture matters and how it's healing the planet!

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  • Kombat Kitchen E-Books
    This is a progressive series of 30-day challenges for people of all ages. Each book, following BJJ belt rankings -- White (beginner), Blue (novice), Purple (experienced), is about 20 pages long and contains nearly 100 references each. The "Youth" Program is suitable for children and adults; and is divided into sections for school-aged children, pre-teens, and adolescents.

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  • Personalized Nutrition Plan
    Precision Nutrition offeres an intuitive software program to create a detailed and specific meal plan and resource guide to meet your individual needs. It's not perfect, but for autmoated types of things it's pretty darn good!
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