Without overcomplicating things:

Name: Austin
Race: Human
Birthplace: Earth
Religion: Love
Politics: Freedom

What’s in a name?

As the name of this website (and many of my social media handles), savagezen, implies, I consider myself a member of the tribe of warrior poets who hold a space in their heart and mind for both wise, gratious, loving-kindness and preparedness for violent chaos. Humans have a brilliant capacity for both insidious horror and breath-taking wonder. Life and living are about adaptation not sustained equilibrium or the perception of “balance.”

I am:

  • A licensed professional counselor (LPC) and have been practicing since 2015. You can learn more about my professional life on LinkedIn. Much of my work as a graduate student has been published on this site as well (see Essays category or psychology tag).
  • A certified nutrition coach (PN1) with precision nutrition.
  • A carnivore (since February 2020) and strong supporer of ancestral health animal-based nutrition.
  • A competiive Jiu Jitsu player (currently Purple Belt). I have also competed in boxing and MMA.
  • A retired climber. I have bouldered up to V6/7 and traditional climbed upt o 5.10b/c.
  • A (working) dog lover.
  • An adamant supporter of regenerative agriculture.


  • I have written a few e-books centered around 30-day nutrition / mental health / fitness challenges.
  • I publish much of the literature supporting my lifestyle and way of eating on Twitter.
  • All of my screenshots, labs, data, and graphs are publicly available on:
  • I have complied a “short” list of reference guides: